CEN-TECHNIC (HK) LTD specializes in the production of crystal unit. Established in 1995, we have business operations in Hong Kong and South East Asia. With an average production capacity 5 million per month, our customers know they can count on us when they require truly innovative and quality crystal unit.

With an annual turnover of US 7 million, we place special emphasis on product development, not only to keep our customers abreast with the times, but also to ensure that their investment is protected. Using our crystal unit, our customers can count on quality finished products.

As the production technologies stride into the future, new concepts and applications emerge. We at CEN-TECHNIC take pride in our broad vision. Our people have the expertise and creativity necessary to anticipate market needs, and we strive to develop products with the future in mind.

Without considering the big picture, no one can anticipate market trends. Initial success can be thwarted when businesses fail to pay attention to the world around them. CEN-TECHNIC professionals recognize the cultural and ethnic diversity of the South East Asia region. We well understand that our products must allow flexibility. In our quest to become true partners with our customers, we tailor our product to our customers’ special needs, right down to the smallest detail. Meanwhile, customers in Philippine, Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia take full advantage of our products-proof that we provide world class crystal unit tailored to the specific requirements of diverse markets.

Behind every piece of our crystal unit is the impeccable after-sale service and technical backup our customers have come to expect. Our crystal unit garner the confidence of audio, toys and computer manufacturers alike because of products’ superb technology and performance. As always we are totally dedicated to minimize, and if possible, eliminate, the defective rate of our products.

Innovation, dedication, value-added technology, professional expertise, well backed support are among the many strengths that customers can count on us for reliable and quality crystal unit.